Friday, August 31, 2012

Nationals, Crowning

The big moment. The one we'd all been waiting for.

Morning came and breakfast was almost leisurely considering the pace we'd been keeping so far that week. It was relaxing. A good chance to talk to each other and speak encouraging words. I think every one of us wanted to win it.

After lunch, we headed to rehearsal for Crowning. Learned our positions. Did a quick run-down, then we were off to procure our own lunches then get our hair and make-up done in anticipation of the 4 o'clock event.

I went back to my room for a little while before my appointment for hair and actually took a nap. By that point in the week I needed it direly. Once up, I ordered room service but didn't have time to eat it! Wheeled on up to have my hair done and ended up eating my lunch outside the room where everyone was getting prettied up.

Everyone looked gorgeous. This is probably one of the most fun parts of the whole experience. The part where we get to feel like beauty queens.

Hair done, I went back to my room and pulled my gown from the closet and put it on, hoping it would still fit. After all the salads we ate, it had better!

 Did my make up, put on my jewelry in the beautiful vanity of the marble bathroom: I imagine it is the parallel of the 'arming of the hero', all of us putting on our glistening armor.

Down to the ballroom we went, where we were subsequently packed into a back hallway that was as cold as a refrigerator for half an hour. We were FREEZING. We hugged ourselves, teeth chattering beneath the blasting AC, complaining as we waited. Eventually, we finally got out there. Rather than be nervous, I think we were mostly relieved to get warm again.

Alabama was first. I wasn't until near the end this time.

"Good evening, my name is Katrina Horsch and I'm Ms. Wheelchair Rhode Island 2012." Queue applause and my manic smile.

I get into position and look out over the crowd. I can't see my family. Sadly, the are all the way at the back. I hear Erik before I see him. He's yelling, "WANT TO TAKE THAT DRESS OFF MOMMY!" Insert my mental facepalm.

Kristin and Kelly Connors acted as bards for us with a beautiful duet that I daresay melted the mascara of every contestant. I was extremely glad I had my purse on the back of my chair and had tissues. I tried to minimize the damage. A fruitless task.

So much of the evening is a blur. The top five were named and I was not among them. I was disappointed for me and for the rest who didn't make it, but excited for those who did. Conflicting feelings you would think, but not really. Everyone was excellent. Its such a beautiful moment I wish everyone there could have had it.

The awards were passed out, the runners up declared.....and then we crowned ourselves a new winner! Mariah of Texas, as you well know. A girl with a smile that could melt glaciers.

I will be honest with you. When it was over, I cried. I was overwhelmed. Once more, I went back to my room to try to fix the damage. Red-eyed, I returned to celebrate and had the opportunity to meet the current Miss Rhode Island, Kelsey Fournier. She was such a sweetheart.

I also had the opportunity to meet and have my picture taken with. Representative Jim Langevin. Unfortunately, no pictures yet. Will post them once I have them!

And now, a bunch of photos!

Let me see here. Ms. DC, Ms. Utah, Me, Ms. Oklahoma and Ms. Arizona

Ms. Florida, Alabama and Illinois 

Ms. Utah and Ms. New York

North Carolina, Colorado, me, Florida

Ms. Colorado and I

Ms. Iowa and Ms. Kansas

Ms. Tennessee 

And here is me at the end of the night, looking exhausted from the week!

What a wild ride. 

Love to all my sisters!

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  1. Oh Erik - he's such a silly boy! Everyone really looked amazing. It was a great night!