Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nationals, Day 1

Nationals. The week that was sure to change my life. Everyone said so. If nothing else, I was determined to let this experience do just that.

I was incredibly nervous. What if the ladies didn't like me? What was this week going to be like? So much was a surprise until I walked in the door. I was one of the first contestants to arrive since I was the host state. I wanted to be there to welcome everyone. Of course, the many people who ran this event were there overseeing everything, and they all made me feel welcome and comfortable.

The day was a whirlwind as we all came together, registered, got settled into our rooms, had photos taken. I felt like such a celebrity.  I'm sure we all did.  Orientation came and went. We got our schedules. It was time to throw ourselves into the amazing, empowering tempest that was the MWA 2013 pageant.

And from the moment I met these strong, beautiful women, I knew I wasn't going in alone.

Me, Ms. Wheelchair America 2012 Josie Badger, and Ms. Wheelchair Massachusetts Patti Panzarino

 Me with Ms. Wheelchair Texas, who would become Ms. Wheelchair America 2013! Look at her, she has no idea what is in store!

My son Erik and I at the Renaissance Downtown Hotel in Providence, RI

Be Fierce!

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  1. I love the pics, the one of you with Josie and Patti is really great. And it's awesome that the year you did this, it's in RI!