Friday, August 24, 2012

Nationals, Pajama Party!

Thursday night was the much anticipated Pajama party. I was SUPER excited about this event. I didn't know full on the lovely things they had in store for us, but I DID know the Stacy from YBF cosmetics was going to be there.  As someone admittedly obsessed with make-up, skincare, beauty, etc. I was ecstatic.

This was a girls only event if possible (obviously some people had male companions they needed there) so I had my mom come to be my companion and left the boys to hang out in the hotel room and do boy things; namely eat pizza and watch movies. It was excited to have my mom come so she could meet all the friends I had made, not to mention getting to hang out with my mom. We're very close.

Right, so we had dinner--BEEF! WE HAD SOME BEEF! AND ICE CREAM!--while Stacy did a presentation about YBF and self-esteem. RIGHT up my ally. It fit in so well with my platform. It was an excellent presentation. Stacy has such an amazing energy that it totally contagious.

Really, the energy that night was off the wall. When you think about it, there were more than 28 women in wheelchairs, most around the same age, allowed to let loose and party. When would we ever have the chance to all be in each other's company again? When would we have have this amazing opportunity to bond with other women with disabilities? Probably never, that's when. Every single woman in that room was determined to life the night to the fullest.

So, after the presentation, they had several awesomely fun stations we could go to do to traditional pj party things. They had some stylists come in from a local salon to do hair and nails. They had a fun photobooth with various props for silly pictures. Stacy was also there doing eyebrows!

First I did my nails. Yay! I needed a polish change pretty bad by then.

Then, I got in line for meeting Stacy and having her do my brows! I was SO excited to meet her. Told her I was a bit of an amateur makeup artist and she was like :O !! 

See? :O 

;.; Cry! It's blurry!

After that, right on over to having my hair done. The girl put my hair in this beautiful braid. LOVED it.

Pretty, right?

So, unfortunately, by the time I had done all that the photobooth guy was having issues with his camera that I don't think were resolved that night. That didn't stop me from being a goofball however. Iphone+props, GO!

Purple boa and tiara. Always classy.

Yup, that's my momma! <3 

At this point, it was time to DANCE. I heard the beginning of "Born this Way" by Lady Gaga and was wheeling to the dance floor as quickly as a could, making grabby hands for the microphone. That's my jam!

For four minutes and twenty seconds, I was a rock star. 

From outside the room I saw husband with Erik. He wanted to say goodnight to me. But when he saw that we were all dancing? He could not resist the lure of getting funky!

Dance my child! Dance!

Ms. Virginia and Ms. North Carolina

I look maniacal 

Myself and Ms. Oklahoma! She's a great dancer

I also took a video. Please excuse my extremely shaky camerawork! I was dancing.

Ms. North Carolina and Ms. New York making me LOL with their amazing moves.

All of us together!

And that's it. As you can see, we had the time of our lives!

Be Fierce, forever!

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