Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Events with MDA and New Wheelchair!

I have had a couple of events since last I updated my blog that I would like to talk about!

I recently attended my first MDA Lock Up as Ms. Wheelchair RI. A Lock Up is basically a fundraiser. The MDA gets local businesses to bring employees over for lunch and they are the "jailbirds". They have to make phone calls to make "bail" where the money is donated to MDA to send children to MDA summer camp and all the other services MDA provides for communities and families with neuromuscular diseases.  I got to talk to many people about my story as a woman with SMA and all that MDA has done to help me and my family throughout the years.

Of course, I also got to speak and spread awareness for the Ms. Wheelchair foundation. You would be surprised (or at least I am surprised) how few people know that the foundation even exists. I love getting out there and just showing people what is possible. I love to promote the organizations that have changed my life.

In short, it was a lot of fun! My husband even called some family members to ask them to donate.

A jailbird at the Lock Up. He came in costume! How cool is that?

Erik and I also wore our stripes, hehe.

I also went to the MDA Halloween Bash held at the Exeter Harley Davidson. It was a family event that was a great time for kids and parents with games, trick or treating, a kids costume contest, pumpkin painting, prizes, burgers....and my favorite part, a potato cannon! Yes, they let me shoot some sort of cannon. You should be afraid! It was a lot of fun.

All the kids in the costume contest.

We did a theme for all of our costumes, because we are awesome/nerdy like that

On November 5th I will be visiting Hasbro Children's hospital to meet and spend some time with the children there. I even made and purchased some autograph cards to hand out! There's something I never thought I would need, heheh. It is pretty exciting! I'm wondering what else I can do to brighten the day of the children there.

In other very exciting news, I have a new wheelchair! It is my first power chair, and thus a huge adjustment. Since two serious falls that really set back my mobility, I had really lost a great deal of my independence in my home. Now, I have at least most of that back and I'm not quite so worried about having another injury. I am also getting a huge kick out of being able to chase my son around now. Mommy is FAST now, and it is really, really awesome.

Unfortunately my walls do not agree. I'm pretty clumsy with this thing! It is taking a lot of getting use to, and my house is getting a few accidental renovations....but I'll sure I'll get the hang of it! It is well worth it for more independence.

My son says I'm "Robot Princess Mommy" Heheheh. Let the reign of Robot Princess Mommy begin!

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  1. I didn't know that's how the MDA Lock Up worked - that's awesome! And Erik looks so cute in his costume :)