Monday, November 12, 2012

Power chair misadventures

Being able to zip around on my own is a really nice thing. Unfortunately, I may be just a tad bit drunk on freedom and my lust for adventure is kicking in.

With my new wheels I have been going outside for walks with my son a lot. Usually on the pavement, sometimes on the grass. Today we were exploring and I came across a path that lead into the woods. It looked perfectly navigable so I gave it ago.

Then there before me was a long path that lead to a beautiful field. Yay! Pretty! And a path! So I went for it, and it was mostly fine except I hit a soft spot in the dirt--then I lurch to a stop, my wheels spinning uselessly as they grind a deeper rut in the soft earth. Oh crap.

So there I am, sitting in the middle of a field with my three year old, stuck. Couldn't budge. Luckily, because I'm not a complete idiot, I had my cell phone in my pocket. Called my husband. He knew where I was because he takes our son their to play hide and seek sometimes. He was on his way to work, but came back to help me out.

I'm home now, safe with my kiddo and feeling rather silly.

Needless to say, my Quantum Q6 Edge doesn't quite pass the off-road in the dirt test I put it to today. Woops.